( Artist Rendering )
Ella's donor will be her older sister, Jen Watson, who is eight years older than her, but most people think that they are the same age.  Jen was born in Bethesda, MD and grew up in Fairfax, VA.  As a young girl, Jen was played softball, was in the Girl Scouts and had a fascination with Star Wars that has transcended adulthood.

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Welcome to ellasliver.com.  This site was created by friends and family of Ella Watson to celebrate her as an amazing sister, friend and extraordinarily gifted artist and to support her as she battles a serious and life-threatening liver disease. 

Ella was born with Biliary Artresia, a congenital condition of the bile ducts in the liver.  Although the treatment she received as an infant granted her years of good health, in the last 18 months, the disease has progressed and her condition worsened.  We are currently awaiting a liver transplant that will allow Ella to return to a life of creating beautiful works of art free from the pain and ill-health she now endures.  Please join us in celebrating and supporting Ella in any way you can.